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Do you need to write a speech but don’t how to do it, or don’t have time or you’re afraid to speak in public? It’s all very normal and I am going to share with you the technique used by great communicators, by leaders who give great political speeches, and by professionals and entrepreneurs who have made history. These successful men and women who want to make sure that their speech will be a hit, use a professional writer called a speechwriter.

Jon Favreau Obama's speechwriter

Donald Trump and hundreds of politicians from every party, but even companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, FIFA, Amazon, eBay, Disney and modern day entrepreneurs from every sector hire and use a professional speechwriter in order to make sure they will communicate effectively during their public appearance.

  • q-iconWhat is a speechwriter

    I, Marco Venturini, am one of the first freelance speechwriter. I have written thousands of political speeches, either for election campaigns or for speaking in the Chamber, in the Parliament, in the Region, or at city councils. In my career however, I have also written speeches for businessmen, professionals, managers, students and even for weddings (read the various types of speeches that I normally write).

    As a speechwriter, after many requests, I have opened the first speechwriting school. I have helped thousands of people to captivate and convince their audience through exciting and unforgettable speeches.

    Therefore I can tell you exactly what a speechwriter is.

    A speechwriter is a professional writer, an expert in effective communication, specialized in writing speeches. Unlike a ghostwriter, who writes books and all kinds of text, a speechwriter is an expert at writing speeches for others.

    Speeches have a particular structure, and in order to be effective and convince crowds, they have to follow certain rules. Rules and techniques which only experts in communication like me know.

    In addition, the speechwriter must be able to disappear behind his client (he becomes a bit like a ghostwriter, a spook) and adopt his style. The speech belongs to the client, the professional writer is the hand that knows how to put pen to paper. Your speech will belong to you. My job is to only give shape to your ideas, thereby creating a memorable speech with which you will reach your objectives, either a simple applause, to gather votes, money, to convince a group of people to take a particular action, to pass on information or a message.

  • q-iconWhy hire a speechwriter

    Great communicators hire a speechwriter exactly the same way you hire a lawyer or architect for a lawsuit or for a house plan. Or an accountant to do the math.

    The same principle applies to speechwriting. If you have been assigned to deliver a speech and you don’t want to blow this opportunity, but you want to impress, then call a speechwriter who will guarantee the result you want. Hiring a speechwriter will not only let you achieve your objective by delivering a great speech, but will also help you overcome the anxiety and stress from speaking in public.

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The risks of a DIY (do-it-yourself) speech

Here is what a person who doesn’t use a professional speechwriter but decides to write DIY speech, gets into.

    • Unclear message

      When you write your own speech, you write it the way you like it, based on your own knowledge. This way it’s not possible to know if the audience will understand certain parts of the speech and react positively to it. What sounds good to you, might be less clear to others.

      On the contrary, a communication technician will analyze your target audience and, knowing the specific techniques of communication, will be able to write a speech for you that not only makes you happy– most importantly – makes your audience happy.

      Personally, I’ve met clients who, understandably, use technical terms (thinking they are universally known), which are not understood by your listeners. A speechwriter is able to simplify your concepts so that they are understood by the target listeners present in the room, while maintaining your professionalism flawless and the meaning of the message that you want to convey.

    • Using communication techniques the wrong way or not using them at all

      I know effective communication techniques for writing speeches and for public speaking. Based on the objective of the client, I insert them in the text and thanks to them, I manage to activate certain psychological stimuli in his audience. Most people don’t know these techniques and writing their own speech could inadvertently cause the opposite effect, lose the audience’s attention, which instead of daydreaming, could fall asleep! Or leave feeling totally confused.

    • Anxiety before and after the speech

      The nervousness and stress felt by the person speaking in public or is getting ready to do so are the main reasons for failing. Speaking in public is nerve-wracking, even after a lot of experience, many speakers continue to feel a certain level of anxiety. It’s normal. The difference is that the great orators know how to deal with the stress caused by speaking in public, not worrying anymore and using all of their energy to deliver a great speech.

    Fear of speaking in public

    How to beat public speaking anxiety

    The fear of speaking in public hits everybody, but it can be overcome. Not having to worry about the pressure of writing and preparing one’s own speech, choosing the right words, the subjects and all the rest, by hiring a speechwriter, will diminish your anxiety of public speaking. This way, you will be sure that your speech will work, you will not have any reason to be anxious and your nervousness will disappear.

    And what about the rest of the stress?

    One of my optional services is assisting in the preparation of the delivery of the speech.

    I have two sessions of about two hours each, live or via video conference (Skype or Google Hangouts) by which I train the speaker on how to deliver his specific speech and I teach him practical tricks on how to overcome anxiety.

    The result is that: at the end of the session, having been very well-prepared, seeing one’s own video (made with me during the training session), where a great performance is given and knowing the techniques on how to overcome public speaking anxiety, all the nervousness, fear and stress disappear and the orator delivers a great public speech.

    Let's talk about your speech

    What does a speechwriter do

    Some fake speechwriters, real swindlers, send you or ask you to download ready-made speeches, which they wrote for other clients, thereby sometimes causing real scandals, or they simply give you material that is not effective for your case because it lacks YOUR personality and therefore, is useless.

    A professional speechwriter on the contrary, prepares your speech through a process which goes from the creative thinking stage, from various analysis and above all by listening to and interacting with the client (in most cases this is done only through one or two phone calls. One of my objectives is also not to make you waste time!).

    My method, which I have been using for years and which has produced according to my clients – real masterpieces (because they are unique and tailor-made for you) is divided in 4 stages.

    • First interview

      Can take place on Skype or by e-mail.

      Through the first interview, I will get a general idea, the points you want to touch upon and the message you want to transmit through your speech (obtaining votes, raising funds, motivation, gaining clients, persuasion, information etc.). I will ask you questions regarding the location and the approximate number of listeners, which can vary from a city to a meeting room, up to a dinner table full of people. At the end, I will ask you a question about your target audience, to know what kind of people will be attending.

    • Gathering of material

      The working together part is finished; I will take care of this myself (taking a load off your shoulders). Now the speechwriter collects all the information, searches for other material and eventually adds the material given by the client in order to increase the quantity and quality of the contents and to make the speech that the client will make really unique and original.

    • Sending the first draft of your speech

      After having collected all the material and with the main points and objectives clearly defined, I will start writing the speech and I will send you a draft of the first minutes of the speech. If you’re happy with it, I will continue writing the rest of the speech. As soon as it’s ready (you will fix the deadline), I will send you the entire speech well in advance of the date on which you will deliver it. At this point you can ask me to make as many changes as you like, at no additional cost. Exactly, this is my 100% satisfaction guarantee: unlimited and free revisions or changes ensure that the client is satisfied with the final result. This is the working method taught by the great American and international speechmakers. A method which, over the years, has guaranteed 100% success to me and my clients.

    • Assistance in the preparation of the performance in public

      Within the text of the speech which I will send you, I will insert special punctuation marks (consisting of highlighted words, bold letters and colors which I will explain to you) that will tell you where to pause and which words you should emphasize, when to talk faster and louder, when to slow down and lower your voice.

    An optional service which you can request is the one mentioned above: a training session in which we can go over the speech together

    During the session (live or in a video conference), I will show you how to deliver your speech most effectively. I will teach effective gestures, emphasis, rhythm, pause, the tone of voice you should use to get the attention of your audience, to get them excited and to conquer them. I will teach the techniques and strategies needed to create unforgettable images in the mind of the audience who will never forget you and will tell others about you and your speech.



    Prices – How much will a speech written by a speechwriter cost

    Speeches 5 to 7 minutes
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      Short speeches, from 5 to 7 minutes, in general cost $ 60. Longer speeches of course will cost more but not proportionally. Some discount will be applied depending on the length. For example, a half-hour speech costs around $ 150

      Training - 2 hours
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        2 hours of personalized training for your speech - on Skype



        fade-leftfade-rightHere are the factors which make up the cost of your speech

        Length of the speech +

        Short speeches, from 5 to 7 minutes, in general cost $ 60. Longer speeches of course will cost more but not proportionally. Some discount will be applied depending on the length. For example, a half-hour speech costs around $ 150. In the next points you will find an explanation of the elements which balance the cost that can go up or down depending on the following factors

        Material +

        If the material that you give me is all I need to write your speech, or if the info you give me (even verbally) will allow me to prepare it myself, the cost will be kept low. Instead, if I have to gather the material from companies, offices or libraries, this will be done at an additional cost. However, this has only happened to me once in many years.

        Deadline +

        The number of days available to write the speech will affect the price only if the speech is requested too close to the date of the public speaking event. If you need it urgently, I will have to put aside my other work in order to assist only you. Obviously, this will have a price. If, instead, you will contact me with an advance notice (at least one week ahead for short speeches and 15 days before for long speeches) then there will be no additional cost.

        Training +

        If you choose to be tutored by me in person during the preparation of the delivery of the speech, there will be an additional cost. For example, for a 5 minute speech ($60) and a two hour session, the total cost is $ 150.

        Frequency of collaboration +

        The last factor that will affect the price of your speech is the frequency with which we will collaborate. For continuing collaborations or regular phone calls during the year, I offer personalized discounted prices. For example, a $ 60 speech will cost $ 40 if you should need another one in about 15 days.


        Method: 100% satisfaction guaranteed

        Given that: thanks to my working method, your satisfaction is guaranteed, payments will in any case be made only after you approve the speech!

        For longer speeches, I may ask for a deposit to be paid only after having approved the sample of a few minutes that I will send you.


        Contact me, ask me for a cost estimate or ask me any questions for more information